My dream has always been to become a professional landscape photographer. Although I have not fulfilled the "professional" part, I am trying to create a photo art experience with my numerous trips around the world, as well as in my own backyard in, and around Austin, Texas. My goal through this journey has been to make people smile, and to brighten their busy and hectic lives. My favorite game, as long as I can remember, is pre-visualization. This is to anticipate a finished photo before capturing an image. I can remember in my earlier days, going through visually interesting scenery without a camera, and thinking how a certain scene would look like in a final print. That was my biggest learning tool, besides looking into thousands of professional photographs, and learning from numerous photo books. In all my years as a student of photography, the biggest lesson I've learned was that it was far more important to know how you set up your composition, how you deal with the light, what subject to include and exclude, and then matching up these requirements with equipment you have on hand. I will continue on this journey to discover beauty in nature, in search of that illusive stunning image, trying to improve my sensibility towards landscape beauty, and sharpen my photographic skills and then share it with you!