Boca i Mimica(non-registered)
Svaka čast,znali smo i do sada za dobre fotke,ali si nadmašio sebe sa ovih 5,6 stotina:)
Susan K. Gaskins(non-registered)
Best wishes in your new adventure. The pictures are beautiful, follow your dream!
Bojana Hill(non-registered)
I recognize many places. Yes, you did put a smile on my face!
Tino Hernandez(non-registered)
Amazing photography Dushan!
Fr. Drago and Protinica Milena(non-registered)

Thank you so much for the absolutely breath-taking pictures. Yes, you are well accomplished photographer.

Each of these pictures indeed is worth more than a thousand words.

Congratulation and our best to you and Mira.
I am so excited to have you launch this!
Bo and Nichole(non-registered)
We love the pictures and the website. What talent!
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